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Programs and Projects

Cooperation between Switzerland and Albania began in the early 90’s. The SDC and seco have provided almost CHF 130 million, the distribution of the funds between the two departments being almost equal.
Albania became a priority country of the SDC in 1995. The SDC has been working in four areas:

  • government leadership
  • employment and the stimulation of income
  • advancing social justice
  • conflict prevention and management with the goal of making a contribution to the development of a social and market-oriented economy

The programme of SECO is focused on a greater availability and a more equal distribution of basis resources in both the power and water sectors. The intention is to establish the foundations for further economic development and to reduce poverty. The growth of the private sector in Albania is being furthered through the financing of regional initiatives such as Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Investment Compact, International Finance Cooperation's (IFC) Private Enterprise Partnership and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's (EBRD) Trade Facilitation Programme.

Areas of projects:

Democratisation and Rule of Law

Democratisation and Decentralisation

 Social Inclusion

Archive of completed programs and projects

Economic Development

Economy and Employment


Archive of completed programs and projects

Transversal Themes: Gender, Governance, Environment


Archive of completed programs and projects

Regional Cooperation


Archive of completed programs and projects

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