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Sustainable Agriculture Support in Albania (SASA)
Sustainable Agriculture Support in Albania (SASA)

Agriculture remains an important sector contributing to subsistence economy and income generation for the largest part of the population especially in rural areas where poverty level is high. Even though the rural population makes 54% out of the total population, and 71% of Albanian working force is employed in the agriculture sector, contributing towards about 21% of the GDP per year (2008), the government only allocates 2% of the overall budget to this sector.

081124_webpage_b.jpgLabour-intensive vegetable and fruit crops grown during the winter season in the lowlands along the Adriatic Sea are attractive and competitive products with a good potential. Early harvesting during off-season in Northern and Eastern Europe are the moments, when high prices are paid due to product scarcity on these markets. Interesting export potential relates also to (non-organic) quality products such as medicinal, aromatic plants and mushrooms cultivated and/or collected in remote areas of Albania. The demand for such fresh and processed crops at the international market is growing fast, especially for products with organic certification.

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Sustainable Agriculture Support in Albania (SASA)
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Economic Development

Duration of the current phase

Swiss contribution
Phase I: CHF 490’000.–
Phase II: CHF 720’000.–
Phase III: CHF 1’790’500.–
Phase IV: CHF 200’000.–
Phase V: CHF 1’737’000.–*

Forschungsinstitut für biologische Landwirtschaft (FiBL)

Thomas Bernet
Project Manager

Area of Intervention
· Tirana, Durrës, Lushnja regions
· Northern Albania

* SDC contribution:
CHF 1'420'000.–
SECO contribution:
CHF 317'000.–

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The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is part of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research