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Welcome to Swiss Cooperation in Central Asia!

Swiss cooperation in Central Asia started with Kyrgyzstan in 1993 and Uzbekistan in 1994. Tajikistan received humanitarian aid during the civil war (1993-97), which had later been replaced by technical and financial assistance. Through the Swiss Cooperation Offices in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Switzerland implements projects which aim to achieve a sustainable change in the region. Some of the regional projects include limited activities in Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Motivation for support

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are members of the Swiss-led constituency group at the Bretton Woods Institutions (International Monetary Fund, World Bank). Swiss active involvement in the region is supported by the Swiss government's understanding that global security and prosperity will not be achieved as long as a huge gap separates the developed and the underdeveloped world.

Amounts of assistance

In the first decade of transition (1991-2001), Switzerland provided grants to Central Asia of nearly USD 150 million, which were mainly spent for humanitarian aid, technical and financial assistance. Furthermore, about USD 38 million were made available in the form of credit guarantees. The overall Swiss assistance for Central Asia in 2002 was around USD 30 million.

Domains of assistance

The main goal for Swiss cooperation for 2011-2015 is to assist Central Asian countries in sustainable development, transition from authoritarian rule and central planning to pluralism and market economy. The projects in Central Asia are developing in five main domains:

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Kyrgyzstan and Switzerland mark 20 years of cooperation on 19 May 2014

Twenty years ago an official cooperation agreement was signed by the Swiss and Kyrgyz Governments. To mark the 20th anniversary of cooperation between the two countries, an anniversary event will be organized on 19th of May 2014 in the Philharmonic in Bishkek.


Regional Art and Culture Program
Cultural events in Tajikistan
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All donor agenices at one web site!

This web site is a joint initivative of all main international development assistance organizations in Kyrgyzstan such as the World Bank, ADB, SDC/seco, DFID, USAID etc. It contains a database of all development projects, development news, reports, upcoming missions and events etc.

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