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Welcome to the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo

NEW Country Strategy Kosovo 2013-2016


Switzerland’s cooperation programme in Kosovo began with its participation in an OSCE verification mission. During the armed conflict in 19981999, it set up an extensive humanitarian aid programme. Since the year 2000, humanitarian actions and programmes to assist the return of persons displaced by the war were soon complemented by reconstruction-assistance measures and by projects to foster livelihoods, to promote culture and to aid development. 


The new Country Strategy 2013-2016 is rooted in the spirit of the agreements of cooperation between the governments of Switzerland and Kosovo and was developed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), in close consultation with Kosovar government offices and partners as the civil society. It represents a strong commitment to continue supporting the economic, social and political transition processes in Kosovo, building on Switzerland's long-term presence in the country and earlier achievements. Over the years, the Swiss-Kosovar cooperation has grown. Today Switzerland is the fourth largest bilateral development partner in Kosovo.  


The Swiss programme is coordinated by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Pristina. It is run jointly by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Federal Department for Economic Affairs.


Strategic Orientation 2013-2016


Overall Goal: Switzerland supports Kosovo in its transition processes towards socially inclusive market economies and democratic political systems providing access to essential services, as well towards regional and European integration.


The 2013-2016 Country Strategy focuses on the following domains of cooperation:

  • Democratic Governance and Decentralization, with the goal: Socially inclusive governance and quality service provision at local level contribute to Kosovo’s democratic state-building process.
  • Economy and Employment, with the goal: A dynamic labour market in the private sector will increase the employment of adequately skilled young people.
  • Water and Sanitation, with the goal: To increase access of the population to clean water and sanitation, and to contribute to a sustainable management of a country-wide water and sanitation system.
  • Health (new domain), with the goal: To contribute to the development of a sustainable health care system in Kosovo that offers qualitative services to its population, including socially vulnerable communities.
  • Swiss-Kosovo Migration Partnership

The foreseen financial commitments for the period 2013-2016 amount to 88 million Swiss francs.


<>The key principles in which Swiss cooperation with Kosovo is embedded are those of equal opportunity for men and women, inclusion of all communities into the projects, good governance and regional cooperation. 
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Swiss Cooperation in Kosovo in the Media
Swiss Cooperation in Kosovo in the Media
Swiss funded publications

1.1 Improving the Kosovo Serbian Business Community Involvement in economic activities in Kosovo

1.2 Përmirësimi i përfshirjes së komunitetit serb të Kosovës në aktivitetet ekonomike në Kosovë

1.3 Poboljsavanje ukljucivanja poslovne zajednice kosovskih srba u ekonomske aktivnosti na Kosovu

2.1 Kosovo Human Development Report 2012: Private sector and employment

2.2 Raporti i zhvillimit njerëzor në Kosovë 2012: sektori privat dhe punësimi

2.3 Izvestaj o humanom razvoju Kosova 2012: Privatni sektor i zaposljavanje

3.1 Coverage study and assessment of water supply and sanitation systems in Kosovo

3.2 Vlerësimi dhe studimi i gjendjes së sistemeve të ujësjellësit dhe sanitacionit në Kosovë

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The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is a part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is part of the Swiss Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research