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Transversal Themes

Transversal Themes<>

Transversal themes address issues of overriding importance, relevant in all domains and corresponding to important principles of Swiss cooperation. They are meant to reinforce the effect of the programme by giving an additional quality to all activities. Two transversal themes  are mainstreamed in all SDC projects and programmes: gender and governance.



Both men and women have suffered during the Kosovo conflict, and they continue to encounter obstacles and opportunities in the current phase of economic and social change. The objective of the transversal theme gender is: All Kosovars, regardless of their gender,  live in a society where they have equal chances and opportunities and equal access to power and resources in all spheres of life.  In the Swiss Cooperation Programme Kosovo the mainstreaming of gender consists of three components: gender as transversal theme, engendering the organisation and specific gender projects.


Governance with special focus on minorities (working title)

Accountability, transparency, participation, non-discrimination and efficiency are the five important dimensions of governance. To establish governance as a transversal theme these  principles need to be integrated into all programmes and projects. In multiethnic Kosovo with its history of conflicts and in view of shaping a common future, special emphasis needs to be given to minority communities.   A concept for the integration of the transversal theme “Governance with special focus on minorities” in the Swiss Cooperation Programme in Kosovo will be elaborated by mid 2008.

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