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Central Asia 
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Chui-Talas Water Management
Promotion of Interstate Water Management Cooperation on Transboundary Chu River

Time frame: 2008-2010 <>

Budget: 300 000 Swiss francs (USD 286 000)

Project location: Chui oblast, the Kyrgyz Republic

Direct beneficiary: the Interstate Commission on Transboundary Rivers Chu and Talas

Implementing Agency: the Agency of Water Resources by the Ministry of Natural Resources

Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (<>SDC) 





Joint use of water resources in transboundary rivers is one of the key directions of regional cooperation in Central Asia.  After proclaiming independence the sovereign states of the region faced the challenge to develop a sustainable use of its water resources.  Fundamentally new approaches are needed for the development of regional policies on the joint use of transboundary rivers including the Chu and Talas rivers.


In January 2000, an Agreement was signed between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Use of Water Management Facilities of Interstate Status on the Rivers Chu and Talas. 


In accordance with the Agreement Kazakhstan takes on the obligation to compensate part of the maintenance and repairs costs for some of the canals, dams and reservoirs situated on the territory of Kyrgyzstan but supplying water to both republics.  The Agreement was ratified by the Parliaments of both countries and entered into force in 2002.


The Agreement obliges the parties to establish a permanent commission, which will agree on the use of water and related infrastructure and the share of financing of its operation and maintenance for each party.  The creation of such a bilateral water commission will allow resolving the issues of safety of water facilities and regulation of joint water use in the Chu and Talas rivers effectively and timely.


However, lack of the modern measuring and control equipment has caused poor accountability of water and high water losses.  The poor quality and reliability of information may negatively effects the Interstate Commission on Transboundary Rivers Chu and Talas and its ability to take appropriate decisions.


Overall Goal


The overall goal of the project is to increase the reliability and timeliness of information on water availability and flows thereby facilitating decision processes within the Interstate Commission and the management of the water resources.




The project objective is to introduce Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) at several irrigation facilities of the Chu river basin.  The system shall provide reliability and real-time data allowing improved transboundary water resources management and thereby facilitating staff’s working in the Chu river basin.




The following are the structures that will benefit from the design and installment of SCADA:


§  At Bashy Main Canal;

§  Ala-Archa Off-stream type Reservoir;

§  Ala-Archa Impounding Reservoir;

§  West Big Chu Canal;

§  East Big Chu Canal



Partners and Beneficiaries

As a result of recent restructuring of the government, now the Agency of Water Resources by the Ministry of Natural Resources of The Kyrgyz Republic acts as a partner and receiver of financial aid.  The beneficiaries will foremost be the Interstate Commission as the recipient of timely and reliable information.


In addition, the beneficiaries will be farmers and Water User Associations (WUA).  In the Talas and Chui oblasts of Kyrgyzstan about 140 (WUA) have been registered. In the two basins 60 WUA and 8 rural cooperatives of water users operate in the Zhambyl oblast of Kazakhstan.


To some extent, the water and canal management organizations will benefit from the project by having to handle less water distribution conflicts thanks to transparency ensured by modern equipment.


To some extent, the water and canal management organizations will benefit from the project by having to handle less water distribution conflicts thanks to transparency ensured by modern equipment.


Expected Results


·         Timeliness and reliability of water delivery for the users increased thanks to optimal management of processes of water intake and distribution;

·         Water accountability improved and water losses reduced;

·         Emergency risks reduced






Oleg S. Makarov


PKTI “Vodoavtomatika i Metrologia”


4а, str. Toktonaliev

720 055 Bishkek

The Kyrgyz Republic Бишкек

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