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Project synthesis

Over the last few years, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has developed a TV series entitled "Justice for All", in collaboration with Southern Exposure, a local film making company. The purpose of this legal drama series is to raise awareness on basic human right issues affecting South Africans. The two first series of "Justice for All" were broadcasted in 1998/99 and 2001. SDC is funding the third series, "Justice for All 3", which will focus mainly on children issues, in relation to the law.


The objective of the project is to promote a human rights based culture of citizenship in South Africa through the development of the educational TV series. The purpose of the legal drama series is to raise awareness on basic human right issues affecting ordinary South Africans.

Target group

The series targets family audience across the spectrum. As for the previous series it is estimated that its viewership is black at 70 percent, with a large proportion of youth.

Activities and Expected Results

The development of "Justice for All 3" has started in March 2002 with the writing of the script financed by SABC with additional support from SDC for the employment of a black writer and research work.

The themes developed in the third series cover issues like children accused of murder, restorative justice, child abuse, vigilantism, drug and substance abuse, physical aggression against children, teacher-learner relationship, rape, etc.
The series is based on actual cases, which will be presented in an educational drama format. The series will be in English and Sotho.
The broadcast of the series will take place when a new child justice system is being put in place in the country.

It is expected that the series will serve as an information tool as well as a catalyst for dialogue at a broad scale. To complement the series, an outreach component will be be developed, which will be tied up to the Life Skills component of the high schools syllabus.


The second channel of the national broadcaster, SABC 2 is specifically mandated to act as a public broadcaster to provide educational programmes. Southern Exposure is a television production company that specialises in educational drama.
Project duration

Justice for All 3 is to be produced over a 12 months period, starting in December 2002.


The total cost of the production of the series amounts to R 10 mio. SABC has allocated R. 5.6 mio to the production cost. SDC's contribution amounts to R. 3mio. DFID provides the remaining balance.

Geographical area

The series will be broadcasted nationally.

Contact address

South African Broadcasting
Southern Exposure

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