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Census of Local government Non-Financial Data



Project synthesis

The second phase of cooperation with Statistics-SA (Stats-SA), the South African Statistics Department within the Ministry of Finance is designed to develop and produce a census on non-financial data at local government level.


The overall objective of the project is to improve efficiency of resources allocation to local government through collection and use of accurate and comprehensive non-financial data, thus contributing directly to democratisation and decentralisation. The specific objective is to develop and conduct a census of local government in order to compile non-financial data from municipalities.

As a result of the project it is expected that:

  • Non-financial data will be collected in a systematic way and on a regular basis from all 284 municipalities allowing concerned government departments to allocate development resources on the basis of reliable information;
  • Municipalities will be able to plan, monitor and evaluate development programmes on the basis of comprehensive baseline data.

Target group

The project will assist the 284 municipalities in South Africa in collecting non-financial data. The results of the census will be critical to various departments such as the Department of Finance, the Department of Provincial and Local Government (DPLG), the Department of Water and Forestry (DWAF), the Department of Housing and to financial institutions, such as the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

Activities and Expected Results

The project will build on the previous phase of collaboration with Stats-SA, which strengthened capacities of Stats-SA and municipalities to collect local financial data in a sustained manner. During the present phase a comprehensive survey of all 284 municipalities will be conducted, to gather non-financial statistical information about existing infrastructure and services provided by municipalities. Information will be analysed and gaps and areas of concern will be identified by Stats-SA head office.

It is expected that the non-financial survey, together with the local government financial data already available, will enable municipalities as well as national departments to have to hand a useful planning and monitoring tool to improve resource allocation and service delivery.


Stats-SA, the South African statistical service belongs to the Ministry of Finance. Stats-SA mission is to produce timely, accurate and accessible official statistics to help advance economic growth, development and democracy in the new South Africa

Project duration

The first phase of cooperation with Stats-SA took place between 1998 and 2001. The present support will extend over a two-year period, until July 2004.


In the first phase, SDC's contribution to Stats-SA amounted to CHF 800'000. The contribution to the second phase amounts to CHF 650'000.

Geographical area

The actual census will be conducted in all 284 municipalities in South Africa.

Contact address

De Bruin Park
Corner Andries & Vermeulen
Tel: (012) 310-8911
Fax: (021) 322-3374

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